Informed by stakeholder engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration, my research blends theoretical and empirical economic modeling to inform policy discussions on issues relevant to California’s agriculture and natural resources. My research centers on evaluating policies to improve the allocation of water across users in the face of a changing climate. Current work in progress includes estimating growers’ willingness to pay for improvements in groundwater quality and evaluating the impacts of a groundwater tax on agricultural land use. 


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Working Papers

“Groundwater Quality, Crop Choice, and Implications for the Cost of Sea-level Rise” with Molly Sears and W. Michael Hanemann.

“The Dynamic Industry Impacts of Pricing Externalities: Groundwater and Agricultural Land Use” with Katrina Jessoe and W. Michael Hanemann.


2020 Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics: “Assessing Measurement Error in Remotely Sensed Land Use Data for Economic Applications”

2020 National Science Foundation RAPID: “Compounding Human and Natural Disasters: Implications for the Agricultural Sector” (With David Zilberman and Ashok Mishra)

2018 California Institute for Water Resources and U.S. Geological Survey: “Groundwater Regulation and Land Fallowing: How Does Water Scarcity Impact Land Use?”

2018 California Water Resources Control Board: “Life Cycle Cost and Economic Analysis for Water Loss Performance Standards” (with K. Jessoe and F. Loge)

2018 Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics: “The Economics of Groundwater Quality in California Agriculture”

2017 – 2018 UC Water Challenge: “Sustainable Groundwater in California: Managing Water Use with Economic Instruments” (with Katrina K. Jessoe, Richard J. Sexton, and W. Michael Hanemann)

2014 – 2016 National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education & Research Traineeship in Climate Change, Water, and Society


2019 Award for Most Downloaded Article in the 2018-2019 Issue of ARE Update

2019 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, Agricultural & Applied Economics Association

2019 Gordon A. King Award for Best Dissertation, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis

2017 Award for Most Downloads of an Article in the 2016-2017 Issue of ARE Update

2017 Outstanding Graduate Paper Award, Western Agricultural Economics Association

2013 Joel Dean Award for Excellence in Management Science, UC San Diego

Photograph of the California Delta by Olena Sambucci.