Teaching economics is an opportunity to challenge students to think critically about the world using the powerful quantitative tools that the field offers. I believe teaching is not just about engaging and empowering students, but enabling them to succeed. Since students enter the classroom with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, I integrate learning skills into my lessons. I also employ teaching techniques to encourage participation because a classroom environment that adapts to the needs of students requires continuous dialogue between the instructor and the students.

Associate Instructor

While at UC Davis, I had the opportunity to teach intermediate microeconomics (ARE 100B) as an Associate Instructor. I was responsible for preparing and presenting lectures, writing exams, and supervising a teaching assistant for a class of 70 students. Please click here for the complete set of my student evaluations. Below are a few comments from students who took the class.

Selected Student Comments

“Ellen is a great instructor and her class is well-organized.”

“She is very knowledgeable and easily related to the students, which made it more interesting to learn.”

“She is very helpful and is always patient to help me with my questions.”

“Notes were clear, homework was fair, class was enjoyable—Ellen did well trying to engage us and provide many examples.”

Teaching Assistant

Summer 2014, Econometric Theory and Applications, UC Davis
Winter 2014, Intermediate Microeconomics, UC Davis

Photograph of Fontanillis Lake, Sierra Nevada, CA by Derek Roberts.